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Soluna Beach Club

Situated on The Palm Jumeirah, there lies an oasis where warm-hearted hospitality, sublime interiors and restorative beach days await.

With an array of sun loungers and private cabanas neatly scattered around its Mediterranean-style pool, and access to a private beach, Soluna offers endless sun-kissed views and signature dining experiences.

Beach Club Packages

Soluna offers three beach club packages ideal for days spent alongside family and friends.
Each package is redeemable on food and beverages.


Soluna Single Sun

Beach-front single sun loungers available on weekdays & weekends

AED 100 per person
AED 75 fully redeemable on F&B

AED 150 per person
AED 100 fully redeemable on F&B


Poolside Single Sun Loungers

AED 150 per person
AED 125 fully redeemable on F&B

AED 200
AED 150 fully redeemable on F&B


Private Cabana Sun Loungers

Available on weekdays & weekends, at the pool & the beachside

AED 250 per person
AED 225 fully redeemable on F&B

AED 300 per person
AED 250 fully redeemable on F&B


Enhance your beach retreat by dining with us.
Each of our dining experiences stands apart while perfectly accenting the Aegean atmosphere you have entered.

Énas Mediterranean Restaurant

Énas takes you on a contemporary journey from the Grecian islands to the Eastern Mediterranean. Using locally sourced ingredients and premium grade products, the diversity of the menu will leave your taste buds hoping for more. Ènas is based on a sharing concept where guests are invited to sample a variety of exquisitely created dishes.

Daily: 12 PM – 11 PM

Risen Café & Artisanal Bakery

Like the embrace of a good friend, Risen, affectionately beckons you inside. Where artisan baking techniques unite with superior arabica coffee beans to nourish the soul. Here, you are Risen.

Daily: 7 AM- 8 PM